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精神障害者 家族会を訪れて 問題提起

【活動報告です。 Vol.09】 【Ryota Kaneda Report Vol.09】 【O relatorio de atividade Vol.09】


・一人の当事者支援から、その家族全員が精神疾患になる ・医療体制に家族は、限界を感じている ・親への攻撃で、親自身の自責の念が拡大する ・支援機関はリファーしてくれるが、何も解決しない




■ Portugues 

Hoje fui visitar a uma Associação da família de distúrbio mental. Vou escrever aqui so alguns pontos rapidinho.

- Uma familia inteiro fica com distúrbio mental por cause de un filho com distúrbio mental - Familias sentiram que a systema de apoio médico do Japão esteja no limite - Os pais sempre sentem as culpas porque o filho ou a filha ofensa tudo dia - As organizações de apoio escutem deles mas não vai chegara no resultado.

Bem, a minoria sempre sofre no mundo interiro.

Vou continuar esse atividades.

Ryota Kaneda

■ English

Today I've visited a Family Association for mental disorder.There are a only few things I can tell in terms of privacy protection.So I write down only main point that I think that should be brought up in the world.

- Family member gets mental disorder in helping their family with mental disorder - Parents think that the system of medical support in Japan is no longer working well - Parents tend to blame themselves everyday because of their son or daugher blames everyday awfully - It seems like Support organizations in Japan works but in fact it doesn't.

Too many tasks to be solved or to be opened.

Ryota Kaneda

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